Crafting Irresistible Titles: Unleashing the Potential of Your Book

When creating an outline, the most fun and engaging part is working on the title. I love creating a variety of book title ideas and playing with words. 

Experiment with a short main title of 3-4 words. The main title should be catchy AND immediately clear what type of book it is. 

Then, add a subtitle explaining what the reader will gain from reading and include relevant keywords that will show up in search. 

Here are some title ideas I love. Steal them for yourself as a starting point if you want:

  1. “The Human Edge: How Embracing Empathy and Diversity Can Drive Innovation and Growth”
  2. “The Power of Purpose: How Aligning Your Business Goals with Your Values Can Drive Success and Social Impact”
  3. “The Future of Work: Embracing Digital Transformation and Flexible Work Arrangements”
  4. “Leading from Within: How Personal Development and Mindfulness Can Enhance Your Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness”
  5. “The Lean Entrepreneur: Applying Lean Principles to Start, Test, and Scale Your Business Idea”

Your title is an emerging process as you develop your book; it will change while you write and edit. Keep coming back to it and eventually, the perfect title will click.

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